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Friday, October 12, 2012

Frontline Commando on VivPad IV (Android - ICS)

Story line:
The story line is very basic almost arcade mode like. Kill or be killed. The opening audiology by the leading character is short and sweet."Suppose to be my last mission, but we walked straight into a death trap."

Plat Form:
OS: Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich)

VivPad IV 1.2 Gig processor with 512 Ram and 4Gig on Board memory. External 3G Modem capabilities. WiFi built in. Mini USB for charging, keyboard or memory stick. Female cable adapter included. 7" Capacitive screen with 5 point multi touch.

Game Author Supplier
The version we played was downloaded for free from Google Play Store that is preloaded on the little machine.

Game Play:
Third person shooter Arcade Style Game. Touch Screen controls. Left and Right Up and Down Aim and Fire are all controlled by light finger strokes over the VivPad's soft touch quick responsive screen. Each rifle in your kit comes with limited amo and can be replenished at the Amo Box available on each level.

Each mission has its own objective and the main objective is to kill or else you will be killed.

Theater of Battle:
War torn ruins as cover. Three dimensional game with 2D control. Left and right finger scrolling over the character will roll him from cover to cover while down will make him crouch and up or down will bring him in the line off fire but also on target. Target selection is by dragging the sights onto your opponent and one tap will fire the shotgun or rapid burst of the machine gun.

Weapons and Equipment:
Open weapon is default a shot gun but can be in game play changed with the assault rifle. You have various choices of weapons which you can buy from the store with War Cash you earn after every mission completed. This includes the Shot Gun, Assault Rifle, Snipers Rifle and Grenade Launcher. Various models are available as the game progress through the missions.

As a mobile or hand held game this game on the VivPad IV platform cannot quite compare with PSP in game play but can hold candle to the PS 2 on some games with Graphics and smoothness of transition.

Taking into consideration you have a mini computer to open documents, send emails, skype and a very accurate active GPS while connected to the Internet the gaming short comings can easily be forgiven. The High Resolution Graphics has an HDMI output for Flat screen TV's or similar. The mighty processing power renders good MP4 quality movies. The Audio is not as good as expected but with Battery Life extending far over 5 hours of movie time and up to 8 hours of kindle reading one cannot expect to much of power sucking additions. A Shock will come in handy when ear phones is not preferable.

All in All this is a nifty little machine with much to offer on the back seat to keep young ones busy. Extras include leather keyboard case, External Micro SD Card up to 32 Gig (4Gig included), Car Charger, Dash mount and USB 3G dongle.

Expect starting price around R1200.00

Sales on
083 584 7473

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